Basic Felting Kit

Anna Walker

Let's STAB Things Into existence together!

With your beginner felting kit you'll get to work on your basic felting skills.

Kit includes: 
  • Small Needle Felting Foam base

  • 2 felting needles (1 each size 38 green tip, size 40 red tip) Located in the felting foam on the short end-the perfect place to store your needles when not in use

  • 1 ounce undyed fiber

  • 4 ounces dyed fibers (approx. .5 ounce each of 8 colors)

  • .5 ounces of assorted specialty fibers (prefelt pieces, locks, pencil rovings)

  • 6” square of felted wool and 2 chenille stems

  • Basic Needle Felting Instructions

  • Basic Wet Felting Instructions