FREE Cookie Cutter Garland Class

Anna Walker


Make the cutest felted garland for every holiday, event, or heck just for fun with our cookie cutter garland class!  

You'll receive instant access to this class and you can use any cookie cutters and supplies you have on hand or our add our kit for just $30!

Using any of the 12 cookie cutters included in your kit (4 shapes in three sizes each) along with the undyed wool, dyed wool (1/8 oz. each of 8 colors), and stunning fiber batts (two different colors), you will go through the process of creating the pieces (as many or as few as YOU decide) for your garland, learn how to attach them to the enclosed baker’s twine (you will need a large eye sewing needle) to create your OOAK (one of a kind) garland decoration for any season of the year! 

You will also receive suggestions in the video tutorial for ways to use the cookie cutter shapes to create shamrocks, snowmen, emojis and more!