Felted Dryer Ball Class - Feb. 21, 2-4pm CST

Anna Walker

Using needle felting and wet felting techniques, learn how to create your own dryer balls! Why dryer balls? They help your clothes dry faster due to their ability to absorb excess moisture, they reduce static build up during the clothes drying process, and they are much more environmentally friendly because they reduce/remove the need for chemical dryer sheets and liquids.
You'll need 2-3 ounces of undyed wool, felting needles and a felting foam base, a nylon stocking or trouser sock and access to a washing machine and dryer. If you wish to decorate your dryer balls (or create juggling balls or ornaments), you would need bits of colored wools and/or feltable wool yarns. I like to put scrap pieces of felted wool in the center of my dryer balls to give them a little more weight, but it is not necessary.

Kits available for additional cost. (Dryer Balls Kits) Click here to purchase your felting kit.