FREE Felted Succulents Class

Anna Walker


In this class you will create mini succulents using a combination of wet felting and needle felting that will enable you to create 3 mini succulents.

And for only $30 you can add on our kit with all the supplies you need for this class!

Kit includes:

3-2” clay pots, a piece of prefelt

3 colors of fiber to embellish the basic green of the prefelt

undyed fibers to create the ‘soil’ for your succulents

Bubble wrap and needle felting tools (felting foam and 2 felting needles) included in your kit.

"yes, they look very realistic and that's coming from my Master Gardener hat and my handle the Gardening Guru - I write 2 weekly gardening columns for my area newsletter in my free time..."m- @alsatian_manor_art_studio on instagram

The video tutorial takes you through the easy steps to create three different types of succulents with a single wet felting layout. And the best news is that you can’t kill these plants!