Keeping It Real

Just in case you thought that I “MAGICALLY” became an ‘expert’ on felting, I give to you the above picture. My friend, Carrie, can attest to the process, as she and I decided to experiment on my back porch a couple of years ago and try our hands at creating felted slippers.

We followed the instructions I had been collecting in my researching the process, decided upon the best way to complete these, in our humble and novice opinions, and proceeded to have an incredibly fun day outside, in the summer heat of Kansas, getting wet and soapy during the felting process.

And while I am the felter between the two of us, Carrie’s slippers were much more even and finished than mine were. Sometimes, I think, when we have a skill set for a new project, we forget to relax and let the process work. We can overthink the process to the point where it shows in our finished work, see above picture for reference.

All of this is to tell you that you should just have fun-enjoy the exploration regardless of the outcome. Play. Discover. Create. That’s all. And that’s everything.