I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions-they are too easily made and too easily given up. I have come to prefer seeking out a word for the year to guide me through the months ahead. Previous words have included Intentional, Resilient and this past year, toward the end of the year, I might add, the word was Releasing. 

2020 is a new decade for us all, and for me, we are beginning my sixth decade on earth. After releasing so much this past year (ending toxic relationships, letting go of unmet expectations, blessing and releasing the ‘stuff’ in my life that no longer brings a smile, let alone joy), I am ready to embark on #sassysixty by blooming into what and who I am called to be.

January begins with a full class schedule in Topeka, Hutchinson, and Wamego, and videos to create before I head to Scotland in February to re-energize my art and my heart for a workshop with Moy Mackay, my felting SHEro, and exploring the home country of my father’s family. When I return mid-February, we (my wonderful VA, Bri, and I) will be ready for another launch of The FELTit Experience to our email subscribers/insiders only. This launch will not be public-that will come later in the year, most likely April around my birthday to celebrate #sassysixty. I wanted to make the membership available for those of you who have thought about joining but were not able to do so when I opened the membership in October. This will be your chance to jump on board now, instead of waiting until the public launch later.

I plan to be creating art again-now and especially after my Scotland trip-and I hope to be sharing glimpses with you here and on the website. I’m a little rusty but have a handful of inspiration ready to pop out of me, and an art piece in mind with a very political message-something a little new for me to explore, but I hope and pray will be received well.

And my plans for this year of BLOOM-ing is to document the year in a better way: stories, sharing, art, pictures, etc. I hope that you’ll join me to BLOOM in 2020-especially if, like me, you are a late bloomer.  Let’s make this a Roaring Twenty to remember!