Spine Surgery knocked GenCon OUT!

And I said, “OUCH!”

I’ve been dealing with nerve pain from bulging discs for the better part of the last 6+ months, and even with learning to move my body better, getting some water exercising in, and doing my best not to overdo when working on the house, the discs were bulging even more than they were in February.

I had surgery to decompress the discs, and will still be in the 6 week recovery zone when GenCon hits. Because I have about a ten hour drive to get to Indy, and teaching classes back to back for the best four days of gaming, well, I need to be healthy to hurdle the energy requirements for GenCon, and I don’t want to face surgery again.

I am so very sorry that we won’t be able to stab things into existence with each other at Indy. 


I’ll be launching something cool this fall, and if you want to have access to me for felting classes, tips and tricks, special events, etc., then head over to www.stabthingsintoexistence.com and leave your email address. My friends who give me their emails will be the FIRST in line for this new project, The FELTit Experience. 

Have a wonderful time at GenCon-I’ll see you on the other side of recovery!