What you don't know...

On November 1st, I had an open studio event to show off my new studio and the renovations I had completed on my home over the past year. It was such a relief to finally have the studio in a place where I could begin working again, at the next level, so to speak, having a dedicated and organized space in which to create, host workshops and film video tutorials.

One of my dear friends, and creative mentors, Laura Mead, said something about a scarf I had created and was showing to my visitors:

This early ruffle scarf features a different design on each side of the scarf and is one of my favorites from my early ruffled scarves. After I explained how the scarf was designed and felted, Laura said, “what she’s not telling you is how difficult it is to keep the designs from migrating to the other side.” 

Here’s my secret: I didn’t KNOW that could be an issue and just PLAYED with the idea I had for a double sided scarf!

In my journey with felting, my ability to say “what if I did ____?” and then just try it out has worked to my advantage more than it has disappointed me. And perhaps that really is the secret to exploring a new medium-not knowing too much so that you keep yourself from discovering the limitations, if any, that exist with your new creative medium. 

Of course there are rules, as there are for any art-don’t use any fibers that have been superwash treated to wet felt is a big one! But I hope that you will give yourself permission to say “what if” and then discover for yourself what the end result will be. And, if you feel you need permission from someone other than yourself, then PERMISSION GRANTED!